Wood Crates and Packaging Service

Alesica House fabricated custom wood crates, designed to your specification or we can design them for you. Our mission is to give our customers the best service and protection that there hardware / commodities deserve.

Wood crates are fabricated using heat-treated wood per requirements of ISPM-15 programs.

 The teams have a vast knowledge about crating, packaging and heat – shrink of various types of hardware.

Wood Crates

Simulator Crates
Mirror Crates
BP Screen Crates
Trade Show Crates
Tool Shipping Crates
Electronic Hardware Crates


Whether you require a box or large wood crate. We will handle your product/hardware with great care. We use a wide selection of packaging materials to protect your product/hardware for traveling in all parts of the world.


Shrink Wrapping

 Covering your hardware for shipment with tarp is an out dated method for your shipping cargo.

 We heat shrink-wrap your cargo regardless of shape or size. Providing you with protection of your hardware/product. For transportation and storage.

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